Guess who's back!!

I refused to blog for a while because i thought i didn't have much to blog about.
Blogging has become the norm for so many people and 1 thing  i hate is when it looks or feels like im becoming "1 of the pack' aka follow follow

I started blogging in 2009 and truthfully it was some of the most enjoyable moments of my life.
sitting at my desk at No Surprises, criticising my fave song and posting the link and knowing i could go back and critique my own critique was enough for me

Like many others, when people actually started to read my blog, their comments and contributions started to affect my style of blogging and rather than allow that, i decided to stop blogging all together

Being able to just write how i feel is my ideal blogpost.
How i feel about a song, how i feel about a celebrity or an event
How i feel about the government.
I love the power of having my own forum to speak, just the way i want

I am not a journalist, I am not a writer, I am not a reporter

My name is Shade Ladipo and I just like to blog....SUE ME!!

I'm Back!!